Due to ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, Rutherford Business Builders is now meeting via Zoom each Thursday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. until further notice. Reservations are required. Please call (615) 900-0538 or email info@rutherfordbusinessbuilders.com to make your reservation. Each week our current President, Tina Murrill will send an email with Zoom instructions. Members and guests who do business in Rutherford County are welcome to attend.

Do business with RBB MEMBERS.

If you are looking for a business service, choose one of our members! You’ll find that RBB members provide quality products and services and are eager to meet your needs. Support your local community. Do business with Rutherford Business Builders members.

What can you expect.

Rutherford Business Builders is a professional networking group where members are dedicated to bettering their careers through the exchange of qualified business referrals. We give and get real business referrals and support local business owners and professionals.


“I’ve been a member of RBB since its conception. I’ve stayed in the group all these years because of the relationships I’ve made with members, the group cares about one another and our community. The referrals I’ve received definitely helped to grow and support my Pampered Chef Business. I can’t imagine not being a part of this awesome group!”

Tina Murrill / The Pampered Chef

“RBB is a great group to network with and a group that cares about the local community. Not only do I receive leads for my business, but RBB also gives me connections to the community through charitable involvement and giving-back initiatives. Members exchanged almost $100,000 in business leads during 2018 and made voluntary charitable donations exceeding $1,200 to various local charities and families in need.”

“I am one of the founders of this group. I have been with this group from its conception at Le Tip and then RBB. We formed this group to fit the needs of the members. This has been an awesome group of professionals that love to exchange warm leads! The fellowship and friendships that are formed with this group are amazing.”

Lory Breckler / Reliant Realty

“I have been involved with Rutherford Business Builders since its inception. This is a valuable group of hard-working business professionals. The referrals I have received as a result of being in this networking organization has absolutely been worth the small investment of time and money this group requires.”

Jenna W. Cole, President / Cultivation Network, Inc.

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